Bleach characters + Orihime’s powers

"Orihime’s powers aren’t going to get a focus, and she doesn’t even matter anyways. She’s not some powerful goddess and she’s not even important, so stop talking about it." - some sore-ass losers in the Bleach fandom

[09:03:04] 王女、♡: Drops a note on his desk before taking her seat, cheeks flushed in the slightest. On the outside, the paper had one of her many masterpieces- Robotic Orihime fighting off a giant lizard that slightly resembles Godzilla while Uryu is in a princess gown this time.

But on the inside… That’s what was important, the words coming from her heart.

'It's been a while, ne, Ishida-kun? Gomen. It's been really busy lately and I'm trying really hard to meet with you guys again. The rent of my apartment jumped a bit so I had to start working more but I promise we will be able to hang out soon!

I really miss you- (insert blushing Hime scribble here) and your cupcake plush you made me is very comforting to have… Thank you.’



You gotta admit tho- it’s a pretty good skype rp lbr

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skype rp with rxkkas tho

You gotta admit tho- it’s a pretty good skype rp lbr

I HIT 150. IVE BEEN AWAITING THIS MOMENT. ILL DO A THING WHEN POSSIBLE— and when I’m not dead tired from work.


"I’m not sure the word "friends" really applies here, Tsukishima-san. Especially given the past circumstances."


               ’You’d leave my benediction unanswered, would you?
                              I’m sorry. I’d thought you, of all people…
                                                            Would be able to forgive.

                                             —- I’m hurt.’

      “Forgiveness is something that should be earned,” she replied curtly, eyes never leaving his. While Orihime was known as the kind-hearted girl, or even perhaps naive, his actions were not something to be easily tossed aside. Tsukishima had caused them great pain, and if he sought forgiveness— a change of heart would have to be shown. 

      “I won’t apologize for my words,” because she knew better, and knew he was playing her, “but if you want my forgiveness, you will have to earn it. But until then Tsukishima-san… I’m not sure we are friends.”


Silently wishes that Ishida give him the worst hair cut because it would be funny. And because he’s a meanie. BC

kisakinokawaii: Calmly takes Orihime by the hand away from the manipulative guy.

      “Riruka-chan?” There was no hesitance, the healer merely following after the other. Orihime was grateful for being saved in such a manner, although it was a bit surprising that Riruka had been the one to step in. With a soft smile, and an appreciative squeeze of the other’s hand, she whispered a ‘thank you’. 

      They had definitely become close, and Inoue wouldn’t have changed it for the world. And even though it wasn’t often said aloud, Riruka had wormed her way into being one of her closest friends.


dear cas,